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Availability Not available in Quebec. Honey Thyme Butter-Glazed Chicken. Ingredients Butter milk , canola oil, buttermilk, water, salt, canola lecithin.

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Product Facts g available in quarters Nut-free Pasteurized For the best taste and baking results, use butter never margarine. Product Facts g in quarters Nut-free Pasteurized It is recommended to use unsalted butter when baking. Visit Hewitt's. Stirling Creamery Stirling Creamery Rediscover the wonderful taste of butter, made from fresh cream and a meticulous barrel churning process. Visit Stirling. Almond Butter and Flaxseed Cookies. Email address format is incorrect. Sign up now You can unsubscribe at any time.

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You can unsubscribe at any time. Bombay Butter Chicken Watch Video. Has anyone else emailed these other companies if so have you had success? I had luck with the ones you named already. I have no printer so I use websaver. I have received 5 x 1. I love some of their products.

Hi Mrs.

Do you email the companies and give them your address? Thanks so much! I love your site so much and I respect how you deal with negative people. I think you do such a great job!!!!!! I also emailed Smuckers and received I emailed Johnsonville awhile back. They said they would be happy to send coupons and that I could request some every three months!

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Sandy, check the newspapers for the coupon inserts they also have various coupons the last ones had Palmolive between my neice and myself we got 12 bottles of Palmolive our neighbours gave us their coupons so now we have a years supply. Here are the ones that I have also received lately in the mail.

I just went to each of their websites and, Contact us and then sent a request. My recommendation is that you do not ask for coupons and simply state how much you use their products and how much you love their company etc.

So try that route…. You can joi the Ozery Bakery Inc. Coupon Club. You should receive other discounts at a later date. Thank you Cassie Cassie for compiling this list. I have emailed lots of these companies and recieved coupons in the mail but I find they are more generous with the coupons if you take the time and call.

Works most of the time. I had contacted Pampers by phone about an issue I had with the packaging of their wipes and they promised to send coupons. It was during the postal strike, so I suspect my coupons may have been lost in the shuffle. So I emailed them a few months later, reiterated my complaint about the packaging PLUS the fact that I had been promised coupons and never received them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! I told them they needed a smaller Good Night or a more absorbent night-time Pull-Up. Mrs J- do u have this list elsewhere that talks about how often you can request?

Is there anyway you could update this list with the times you could request? How did you get the Fresh Express coupons? I am new to Canada and dont know much about the coupon and the policies around here. Hi Cassie today I called Colgate-Palmolive and they have changed their policy. Thought I would let you know so you can update this info.

You can call every 2 months to request another coupon. I contacted AMYs they make organic and delicious food, they are like Eden Organics and they are going to send me some. I would not want to see them flooded with requests tho. I havent gotten the coupons yet but am looking forward to it. Thank you for letting us know about the companies above. I contacted Eden Organics and they are going to send me some coupons too you have them listed above. Once a month, once every couple months, once every 6 months??

How do you know that you can try again? I received coupons from Haan- Celestial.

Love this list. Thanks for including some of the healthier product lines. It is much harder to find coupons for those types of products. This list is awesome! I have a friend who is a single mom and her daughter only can eat gluetin free food. Thank you so much for this information. This product has been amazing.

Hi I was wondering if u can mail coupons right to my house, I have no printer to print them off line, and i am on a fixed income so can use all the coupons i can get. Thx so much. I love this idea of contacting for coupons and seeing if they would send them.

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More interesting things in the mail for use in shopping. I tried requesting coupons from colgate-Palmolive but I cant seem to find the submit button. I cant seem to get to the bottom of the page. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you so much for this list. I just informed the ones I needed and lets see if this idea works.

I enjoy going shopping with coupons and finding the items. Its so much fun. Plus Purex gives out free samples and cou[ons. Last time I e-mailed Colgate I said how we loved their toothpaste and if they had coupons would they please be able to mail us some. Same with Biore and a bunch more on the list and it was recently. Do you have a template for this? There is no template necessary. What agreat idea!

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I emailed Chapmans ice cream and got a 5.