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What Are Treasury Futures? To go long a Treasury futures contract is to agree to take delivery of the underlying securities at the price at which you went long adjusted for differences between various deliverable bonds.

Because Treasury futures like other futures contracts go up and down with their underlying assets, you would go long Treasury futures for the same reason you would buy the underlying Treasuries: You expect the underlying Treasuries to go up in price. At their most basic, treasury notes and government bonds are debt investments that have regular coupon payments to their holder over a fixed interval with a fixed interest rate.

This is why bond prices and interest rates are negatively correlated.

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Another result of this relationship is that treasury futures contracts are often used as way for traders to anticipate either a rise or fall in interest rates. This is why the recent interventions and hawkish signals from the federal reserve have driven bond prices down while yields have risen. Having an indication of where interest rates are headed is critical to forming a thesis on the possible direction of bond prices.

Just look at what the year treasury futures and year-bond futures did on Wednesday when the Fed raised interest rates 0. However, it is not the only indicator they use.

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Economic data like Gross Domestic Product, Non-farm payrolls and the Consumer Price Index often reveal exactly the type of inflationary information that the Fed governors use to set interest rate targets in the first place. While current signals from the Fed have prompted a downtrend in bond prices, the value of popularly traded treasury futures like the year note, which often serves as the benchmark indicator for economic resilience, can be a good thing to remain aware of for any type of trader.

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Printable In Store:. At face value, a bond's yield and coupon rate are the same. Us 10 year bond yield. Investors require a higher return for keeping their money tied up for a longer period.

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