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They have been designed to fold inwards to make them easy to pack into your bag.

The rubber-topped headband creates a firm grip around the head for those who want to wear them running. But more importantly they have some of the best noise isolation through the outer coating creating a seal around the ear.

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Here we have the first of our wired options, Beats Pro. On first impressions the size and weight of these headphones stand out.

Designed for people mixing in studios, these headphones may not appeal to the more casual user. That said, the build quality is strong and these will withstand any clumsy drops or knocks.

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The headphones are connected through a single cable which can be inserted to either earcup. The spare port can then be used by another set of headphones, allowing you to share music with your friends at the same time. The Studio's 2 are lighter with sleeker edges and greater attention to detail than the originals.

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One new feature is the rechargeable battery that gives 20 hours of listening time. If you enjoy classical music or more delicate sounds, the subtle hiss when the ANC is on may be a little irritating. Though the sound quality overall has been improved and the bass levels restrained, giving a much more balanced sound.

The Solo 2 offers a good balance of performance and portability.

Black Friday 2018: Best Deals on Beats By Dre Headphones at Walmart And Target

Significant improvements to the sound quality have been made, though these probably aren't for the audio purists. The cups are on-ear rather than over-ear which could affect comfort and will definitely affect isolation from outside sounds. The earcups on these over ears rotate so you can do your skillful mixing uninhibited. The bass in these cans is supposed to be particularly 'big' and you can share what you're listening to with dual-port daisy chaining.

If you want cheap Beats by Dre, this is as good as it gets really. It's a standard pair of earphones which come with tangle-free flat cables as well as a clicker and built-in microphone for taking calls. These earphones are made for using while exercising. With Black Friday deals expected to start in a few weeks, we're giving you a glimpse at the type of Beats Black Friday deals you can expect this holiday season.

The good news is, we predict you'll see some steep Beats price cuts. This sale has lasted for a few weeks and is still available in late October.

Beats wireless headphones sale: save $135 on the Beats Solo 3 at Best Buy

There's also a strong possibility we'll see some great Apple deals that bundle the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro with some of Beats' newest releases. Expect this to be the Apple Store's Black Friday sale. Beats has plenty of headphone options to choose from, including noise-cancelling headphones , truly wireless earbuds , Lightning earphones and Bluetooth speakers. You get good isolation, but they do let a little noise through which can be useful if you're outdoors. You can get one hour of use in just five minutes, with total battery life topping out at 12 hours.

There's even a mic and in-line remote for total control.

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The Powerbeats3 Wireless up a relatively smooth sound, with no brightness, and you get plenty of power and bass. What Hi-Fi?

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